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Cuda Brothers

Featured Car Series

American Muscle cars; a unique era. Many people will never experience the incredible sensation of raw power, brute force, and true muscle of a Plymouth ‘Cuda. Turn up the volume and feel the horsepower.

Regan Keeth, the owner of the 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda in this featured video has some very personal feelings about his beloved car. It was important to capture his emotion while also capturing the raw power of  a true American muscle car.

Hold on, and enjoy the ride.

Video Production

Quality is a reflection of you.

An emotional connection with the audience is what makes for an effective video presentation. Anyone can pick up a camera and start shooting.  The real challenge is careful planning and understanding what your audience cares about.

Once the media production is underway, seasoned actors and speakers are often nervous in front of a camera. Same goes for a business owner spokesperson. As a director, it is my job to set your mind at ease so you can enjoy the experience.

Broaden your perspective of what’s possible.  Hire an experienced producer to get the job done stress free, on time, and better than you ever imagined. Contact Me to discuss your options and to answer any questions you may have.


Search Engine Optimization

You have a great looking online video but no one is finding it. Now what?  SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION applies to everything you do online including video.

Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

But only if it can be found

SEO optimization for your videos, website, and Facebook is nesessary if you want to get noticed. Contact Me if you have questions or are ready to get started.

Brand Consulting

Elevating Your Brand.

Not getting the type of customers you want or any customers?  It could have to do with the content or the look of your online presence.  The message needs to be clear and concise.  This way your audience does not have to work hard to figure out what you do.

Contact Me with links to your online sources such as a website and Facebook page. Our initial conversation will provide enough information to determine what social media platforms you should be utilizing and whether you need help.

Here are some services we can help with.



Marketing techniques are constantly changing. The last 11 years have been devoted to ongoing business practices for my customers and my own businesses.  I only recommend the most effective and efficient way to get the job done and is best suited for my customers.  – Sam Locklin  // Locklin Media

What’s Going On

A documentary titled “History of the Plymouth Barracuda – Preserving the Barracuda Legend” is in the planning stages for Cuda Brothers. This involves extensive research and locating the best original Barracudas on the planet. Originality is important but show car quality is not a strict requirement. We are making plans for a celebrity host.  Want in become a sponsor?

Contact Me if interested in contributing to this immense project.