Locklin Media Video Producer - Sam Locklin

Sam Locklin – Founder of Locklin Media

My Passion

My passion for video started in 1996 when I saw a video of someone’s vacation with titles and music. I thought it was fantastic and wanted to know more. I bought VCR editing equipment and produced our family reunion in 1998. It was a hit and I have been doing it every year since. My in-laws were the ultimate proving grounds. Try making family reunion videos interesting over a period of 18 years. In-laws can be some of the toughest critics. Each year became more extravagant with special effects and themes. I can assure you that these may be the best family reunion videos ever produced.

I worked in the semiconductor industry for 24 years and still took time to learn advanced video production techniques. My technical management background, international exposure, and customer service experience played a significant role in establishing my video production business. Leaving a high paying career at 45 years old was a huge step that most people would not do. Video production and related services are what I love to do with no regrets.

Video Quality, Content, and Marketing are equally important.

Vidimation® – Video Production

est. 2005

Vidimation® was started as a business related video production company. Customers were asking for more, including website work. Website Search Engine Optimization became a personal challenge because I could not justify the $10,000 quote to update my business website. It took research, testing, more research, and persistence to get results. That’s where my engineering background comes in. Video marketing requires many of the same website techniques.

Social Media is another area that many customers still don’t understand how to use to its fullest potential. Each social media platform has its own type of audience. Knowing how to reach them and grab their attention is essential. Branding your business with a consistent message in the most effective way across all platforms is where I can help.

Social media, face-to-face networking, and properly executed websites all play an important role.

Locklin Media

Elevating Your Brand

Vidimation® has evolved over time and gone through a name change which is now Locklin Media. I provide a very personalized service and felt it was important to tie my name to the business. Media is more than video. Even though video is a major part of the business, so is understanding how to tie it all together with a consistant message through different media outlets.

A spinoff is ‘Cuda Brothers that utilizes the video production services, social media, and website for featured cars and auto restorations.  Combined with our own  face-to-face networking, we have branded ‘Cuda Brothers as experts in the field of classic muscle cars. We received national recognition from Chrysler Corporation, encouraging people to support us in our desire to produce a movie/documentary titled, “History of the Plymouth Barracuda”. Our tag line, “Preserving the Barracuda Legend” has brought muscle car enthusiasts from all over the world together through our Facebook page. I would like to help others achieve the same success in their endeavors.

Working with world class managers and marketing experts shaped who I am today.

International experience has given me a global perspective from a business point of view.

A Look Back – My First Career


A 24-year career at Applied Materials in the semiconductor industry provided many job responsibilities as I grew alongside an up and coming company. As founder of the N.W. Region, I negotiated the first service contract at Intel and grew the region to 5 states. I managed million dollar budgets which gave me a strong understanding of business operations.

International experience included starting the first semiconductor equipment in Mainland China in 1981. I also worked directly with Japanese management at the Fujitsu facility who demanded a high level of attention to details in our progress reporting.

During my career, Applied Materials grew from 350 employees to 22,000 and became a Fortune 500 company.  Applied Materials was working out of one building in Santa Clara, California when I started and 24 years later was an Industry leader in its field with global operations around the world. I have dealt with customers, high pressure situations like deadlines, executives , workers, and the ins and outs of growing a business.

Achieving financial independence takes constant focus, planning, discipline, and attention to details. Locklin Media practices these principles.

Real Estate and Stock Market Investing


Residential Real estate investments in Oregon and Washington proved to be lucrative. I managed the properties and did most of the maintenance. All the homes were positive cash flow rentals. When the timing was right, the properties were all sold for a profit.

Financial Independence has been possible, partly because of stock market investing. It has contributed to supporting my family, getting 2 kids through college, and providing seed money to start a video production company in 2005. You often hear that hard work drives success but working smart is the key.

I would like to think that community volunteer work has made a difference and honed my communication skills as a bonus.

Volunteer Work

Always and Forever

8 years as a city councilor and president representing King City involved converting the city from a retirement community to a diverse neighborhood with many young families. Additional duties included being a board member on the Washington County Coordinating Committee for Transportation. My most satisfying work was with the Community Development Block Grant Policy Advisory Board. Responsibilities included approving HUD funding for major special needs housing developments. I have continued to support my community as a member of the King City Budget Committee and participate in many volunteer activities such as the annual SOLVE beach cleanups.